The medical center “St. Elisaveta” is a clinic institution for specialized medical help, situated in Rakovski, with branches in Belozem and Brezovo.

All consulting rooms, the clinical and microbiologic laboratory in “St. Elisaveta” are equipped with contemporary medical equipment and apparatuses. The centers offers the best contemporary conditions for examinations, treatment, analysis and stay in well-furnished rooms. There is a surgery ward with surgery room and surgery hall, pre-surgery, reanimation and rooms for operated patients. Surgical operations are performed in the area of the small and intermediate surgery.

„St. Elisaveta” has agreements with the:

-  National healthinsurance fund

- OZOF “Doverie”

- "Healthinsurance Company Bulgaria Health"

- "Healthinsurance Company Prime Health"

- "Healthinsurance fund Weiss Medica"

- Healthinsurance fund "Nadejda"

- "Municipal Helthinsurance Fund"

- "Generali Zakrila Health Insurance"

- "DZI - health insurance"

- "Healthinsurance company CCB"

- "Tokuda Healthinsurance Fund"

- "Healthinsurance Fund Mediko-21"

- Healthinsurance Company "Bulstrad Health"

The medical institution serves health insured patients with directions from general practitioners from all over the country. The offered services from the center include LKK board, issuing of medical certificates, issuing and re-authentication of medical cards.