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The business of the companies from “Insa” group is ecologically responsible. The care for environmental protection and its components, protection of human health and protection of biological species, have turned into a basic priority of the activity.


The company performs control and management of the factors that harm the environment. The ecological standards in the group are regularly heightened with the application of treatment facilities and processing technologies, safe for the environment.

The companies in the group correspond to all Bulgarian and international ecological standards. In its activity “Insa” successfully applies environment managing system, corresponding to the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001. the system has been certified by the international certifying organization TUV NORD.

The companies in the “Insa” group perform constant monitoring and follow closely the lowering of the emissions of hazardous components from all components in the environment – air, water, earth.

The basic leading principle of the companies is securing a constant improvement of the health and safe conditions of work. The companies in the group constantly develop and apply programs, directed to continuous lowering and preventing of the pollution of the environment.


"Insa" maintains in perfect readiness the technical devices and teams for the prevention and adequate response in case of occurrence of incident and emergency situations. The policy of the companies in the group is to provide regular studies, discussions and information exchange with the employees in the company, for the purpose to constantly improve their competence and responsibilities to the environmental protection.