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About us

“Insa” group includes leading Bulgarian companies for manufacturing and distribution of petroleum products. Harmony and optimal balance between industry, innovation technologies, environment and application of highly effective structural decisions are basic tendencies, which determine the appearance and their development. The strategy of the companies in the group is the offering of maximum quality, care and protection of the environment. For the purpose of achieving of these goals, “Insa” constantly invests in contemporary equipment and development of the human capital. The efforts of 450 qualified professionals as well as the application of modern technologies and equipment guarantee the highest operational standards and quality of the distributed production.


 The group includes:


„Insa Oil” is a company with leading innovative positions in the processing and distribution of petroleum products with own industrial site on area of over 300 decares. With its annual trade of average 150 000 tones of petroleum products and with over 200 clients on the territory of Bulgaria, “Insa Oil” is one of the leading companies on the petroleum market in Bulgaria. The company owns petrol tanker with contemporary equipment, 35 railway tanks and 34 road trucks for transportation of fuels. There is complex independent testing laboratory at “Insa Oil”, which is one of the most modern in Bulgaria.


„Insa” Ltd., is a chemical company which has contemporary, high technological and over 12 years of experience in the manufacture of lubricating oils for the different branches of industry, automobile transport, marine oils and technological fluids, energetic and hydrodynamic oils, conservation products etc. The success in the manufacturing process of the company is due to the qualification of its specialists, in the combination of contemporary technologies, deep experience, effectively planned maintenance and exclusive achievements in the environmental protection and the labor safety. The company has one of the most contemporary in Bulgaria processing bases, tank park for base oil components and for finished products. On the territory of the company functions testing laboratory for petroleum products, which is established as independent functioning unit. The laboratory is accredited according to the requirements of BSS EN ISO/IEC 17025


„Insa Gas” - Modern terminal for conservation and distribution of propane-butane gas, equipped with railway inflowing and automatic outflowing device. The company has 11 railroad trucks for transportation of fuels. “Insa Gas” is a supplier of over 140 companies in Bulgaria.

„Insa Port” manages contemporary depot in Rousse with terminals for servicing railway, road and water transport.

"St. Elisaveta" – modern medical institution for specialized medical care.